Cataract Treatment

Cataracts are treated in our clinic with the "iQ-5 minutes English waterjet"

We treat cataracts in the most complicated cases

Cataract treatment in Kyiv


17000 ₴

We treat cataracts in the most complicated cases:

And of course with excellent results by using only premium lenses (crystals). At our Center, cataracts are operated by surgeons with at least 50,000 successful surgeries.

Read about RAYNER, the specialist in intraocular lenses (IOLs) since 1949.


Patients are invited to undergo cataract surgery with the English Rayner lens.

Акция премиальной операции по цене стандартной.

Отличное зрение и вдаль, и вблизи без очков

Новые технологии, Британской компании Rayner. Премиальная операция по цене стандартной. После имплантации данной линзы, про очки для чтения или вдаль можно забыть.

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Cataract treatments

Over the years we have provided hundreds of thousands of eye care services to our patients.

If you choose British Ophthalmological Center , you can be sure of the quality of services provided, because you are entrusting your vision to a modern clinic.

Это бесшовное удаление в сложных случаях и обязательная имплантация интраокулярной линзы, а также использование при проведении операции современных средств защиты глаза.

We use the most advanced technique of cataract phacoemulsification – “Water Flow”. This is the “gold standard” in ophthalmology.

Cataract surgery in Kyiv is performed by:

Zhuk Andrii

Chief Physician. Director. Ophthalmic surgeon of the highest category. Doctor expert.
Work experience of more than 15 years


Cataracts form for a variety of reasons, but most often it is a natural aging process. With aging, the lens of the eye thickens, turns yellow and becomes dull. Other medical conditions, such as diabetes and glaucoma, can accelerate the likelihood of cataracts forming.

Cataract formation depends on changes in the lens of the eye. As a rule, there are 2 options for the formation of cataracts: the nucleus (in the center of the lens) and the cortex (the lens body).

There are several types of cataracts. The type of cataract is determined by how much of the lens is affected. The most common cataract is the nucleus of the lens, as it forms due to the natural aging process when the cells of the lens collect in the nucleus of the lens.

No. Since the formation of cataracts is a natural aging process. However, it is possible to slow the spread of the disease:
• Wear sunglasses that protect against UVA and UVB rays.
• Eat foods that contain antioxidants.

No, but it most often develops in both eyes at the same time. You also need to know that cataracts are congenital, chemical, radiation, etc.

Yes, if cataract treatment is not started on time.

Previously, people believed that cataracts should mature, but nowadays this is not the case. Cataract surgery is a routine procedure that is performed when you or your doctor determines that poor vision is affecting your quality of life.

Over time, the dull part of the lens can become larger and thicker, which in turn can impair vision. This can last from several months to several years to complete blindness.

More than 97 percent of patients were able to return to daily activities with significantly improved vision after surgery.

No. During cataract surgery, the natural lens is replaced with an artificial one, in which the cataract will never form.

Cataract surgery is a quick and easy procedure. Typically, patients in a hospital or surgery center spend only a few hours, after which they can immediately go home.

For safety reasons, the second eye is operated on the next day or one month after the operation on the first eye, when the risk of infection has passed.

A local anesthetic will be applied to relieve pain during surgery.

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Cataract Treatment

Щира подяка всьому колективу Британського офтальмологічного центру за допомогу моїй мамі в лікуванні катаракти. Моя родина і я сам вже декілька років обслуговуємся в даній клініці і всім задоволені. Тому, коли стало питання про лікування у мами катаракти - без жодних вагань привезли її до Києва в Британський офтальмологічний центр. Наші очікування здійснилися. Операція пройшла чудово і мама наразі знову добре бачить. До неї повернулась «якість» життя. Вона і я дуже вдячні Скапі В.І. і всім лікарям клініки з якими ми пройшли цей шлях за професійність. А також персоналу що працює на рецепції, в колл-центрі та який допомагає лікарям в повсякденному житті за доброзичливість і турботу.

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Можно я скажу, что в современном мире есть безукоризненный медицинский центр – «Британский офтальмологический центр». Огромная благодарность Щадных Марине Александровне. Вы с ювелирным профессионализмом и человеческим теплом вернули мне возможность уверенного взгляда в будущее. Всем сотрудникам, которые сопровождали до и во время операции, я желаю здоровья и личных побед.