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Symptoms and causes

Long-sightedness, otherwise known as hyperopia, occurs when the cornea is flattened or the eyeball is too short. These conditions do not allow the rays of light entering the eye to refract to a degree sufficient to focus them on the retina. Instead, the images you see are focused behind the retina. For farsighted people, near objects appear more blurred than objects at a distance. For example, if you were sitting on a restaurant deck in the summer, the menu would appear blurry while the surrounding scenery is in focus. However, the notion that farsighted people always see well into the distance is mistaken. Often, farsighted people see poorly both near and far. However, people with only age-related farsightedness (presbyopia) can see well as far as they have no refraction abnormalities and the lens is always in a relaxed state. People with long-sightedness often experience headaches when working close up.


Farsightedness develops much less frequently than myopia, and its prevalence increases as patients age. Farsightedness usually has a number with a plus sign in front of it in the conclusion.

Treatment Options for Farsightedness

Farsightedness can be corrected with both glasses and contact lenses to change the direction of light rays in the eye. Patients often have to wear glasses or contact lenses either all the time or only for reading, computer work and other close work. It is not unreasonable to follow tips to strengthen your vision. If you want to get rid of glasses and contact lenses once and for all, you can turn to surgical methods of treatment.

Laser vision correction
Intraocular vision correction

Laser vision correction

Although glasses and contact lenses help with farsightedness, they can be compared to a cast and crutches, which means they are a temporary solution to the problem, but do not actually eliminate the cause of the problem as much as a surgical procedure can.

Intraocular correction

Intraocular lenses are designed to correct high degrees of farsightedness. If laser correction is not for you, don’t give up since there are other options for what you want. New Vision Eye Clinic offers a number of surgeries that can help you. During the consultation we will be able to analyze if surgery is contraindicated for you and determine the best type of surgery for you.

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