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Cataract is a disease in which the transparency of the crystalline lens is affected, resulting in decreased visual acuity. The name of the disease comes from the Greek word katarrháktes, which means “waterfall. This is due to the belief of ancient healers that the disease develops due to the flow of turbid fluid between the iris and the lens.

It is impossible to detect cataract in its initial stages without an ophthalmic examination. At the early stage, there are no visible symptoms at all. As the disease develops, vision gets worse: Patient’s vision gets blurred, as if in a fog, sensitivity to bright light increases, night vision worsens, color perception weakens.

In spite of the fact that cataract most often develops as a result of age-related changes in the eye, the disease is more often detected at the age of 40-50 or even younger. In patients over the age of 80, the detection rate of cataracts is virtually 100%.

Most people with senile (age-related) cataracts develop the disease very slowly and painlessly over many years, and often the initial diagnosis is made during a routine examination by an ophthalmologist.

However, the good news is that cataract can be successfully treated. Our clinic is using a revolutionary “iQ-5 water flow” method of cataract extraction.

The affected cataract is removed during the surgery, and an artificial intraocular lens (IOL) is implanted in its place. Anaesthesia is achieved through the use of modern anaesthetic drops. After the surgery, vision is restored immediately.

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