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Keratoconus treatment by the BritishX method - first result in 12 minutes

The equipment of our center allows a high degree of probability to diagnose Keratoconus at an early stage.

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What are the dangers of keratoconus for you?

Keratoconus is a time bomb in your body. This non-inflammatory eye disease causes the cornea to degenerate and change its shape – it becomes thin and cone-shaped. The greatest danger of keratoconus to you is a significant deterioration in your vision. You may lose the ability to drive a car, and in severe cases – even to read.

The disease is accompanied by blurred vision, photophobia, itching, diplopia (double vision) and other symptoms that significantly impair your quality of life. Without proper treatment, the progression of the disease can lead to severe complications and require surgery, which is not always successful.

What happens if there is no treatment?

In most cases, the development of keratoconus leads to severe complications that pose a real threat to your health and visual acuity, up to and including complete loss of visual function. Such complications include:

  • Astigmatism
  • Diplopia
  • Corneal drops
  • Corneal tear
  • Loss of vision

If you don’t take immediate measures or use ineffective treatment, your body will inevitably develop powerful pathological processes which will lead to serious visual impairment. Violation of corneal integrity can cause irreversible consequences in the tissues of the eye and lead to complete loss of vision. Only adequate and timely treatment can stop the process.

The main cause of keratoconus

Absolutely all processes in your body are controlled by the brain. Your brain cells receive information from all organs and systems, analyze that information, make the necessary reaction and send the appropriate orders to the various organs of your body via your nerve cells.

Keratoconus (like any other disease) is caused by a combination of various factors. These factors cause certain parts of the brain to malfunction and disrupt neural connections. In other words, the brain stops giving the “right” orders for your visual system to work properly, which leads to keratoconus, and then to the more serious consequences mentioned above.

How to defeat keratoconus as quickly as possible?

In the 21st century, there is an effective and safe method of treating keratoconus. It is cross-linking, or cross-linking of corneal collagen molecules. The method turned out to be a lifesaver for eyesight and the ability to lead an active life – as a rule, patients with keratoconus are young people under 40-45 years of age. Cross-linking was invented in Switzerland and is based on irradiation of the cornea with ultraviolet light flux previously impregnated with riboflavin. The depth of exposure to ultraviolet light is strictly dosed. The result is consolidation of the cornea, stopping its stretching. Thus, the disease is stopped. Then there is a gradual flattening of the cornea, which manifests as improvement in visual acuity.

We strictly follow the traditions of European medicine. The treatment is performed using original equipment, developed by Theo Sailer, the author of the cross-linking method, Swiss ophthalmologist. The BritishX method was developed by British scientists using a special standard that regulates the exposure time of the device and the medication to be applied. This method is only available at the British Ophthalmological Center. Our specialists, who introduced the method over 12 years ago, have been trained in the European Corneal Pathology Departments. Our doctors have successfully treated more than 28,000 patients with keratoconus in Ukraine, Baltic states, Europe and Great Britain. We use modified Theo Sailer’s methods, allowing to minimize the time of UV exposure to the cornea. This makes it possible to speed up restoration of patient’s well-being after corneal cross-linking procedure for keratoconus, as well as for other types of pathological corneal thinning. We use only original riboflavin solutions in the treatment of keratoconus.

The result of our work is the cessation of disease progression in all patients. Gradual improvement of vision is observed in 99.5% of patients treated with the BritishX method.

An important factor of success is the timely and correct diagnosis of keratoconus. British Ophthalmological Center ‘s equipment makes it possible to diagnose Keratoconus with high probability at the earliest stages.

Our keratoconus diagnosis and treatment methods and approaches have preserved vision and active lives for a huge number of young people in Europe. We offer the best of modern ophthalmology to our patients!

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