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Kozyura Maxim Anatolievich

Anesthesiologist of the highest category. Doctor-anesthesiologist for children.
Work experience more than 10 years.
  • Specialist in inhalation anesthesia with mixed gases using the latest technology;
  • Xenon therapist;

Scope of professional interests:

  • anesthetic support for all types of surgical interventions;
  • regional anesthesia;
  • modern approaches to sedation and anesthesia in outpatient settings;
  • total intravenous anesthesia, both with preservation of spontaneous breathing, and with prosthetic artificial lung ventilation;
  • specially designed methods of inhalation anesthesia for patients of all age groups;
  • anesthesia in patients with neurovegetative, cardiovascular, secretory pathologies;
  • specialized emergency medical care in emergency situations.

Internship in various clinics in Europe.

Speaks fluent English, Ukrainian, and Russian.

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