Information for nonresident patients

Treatment in the British Ophthalmological Center clinic is carried out on a “same day” basis. Use of the latest techniques of eye microsurgery at the British Eye Clinic ensures faster restoration of vision, shorter treatment periods, no need for hospitalization, and allows the patient to return home in 1-2 hours after the surgery.
You will need to stay in Kiev:

  • for the procedure of laser vision correction – 1 day, the second day, control examination, if desired by the patient;
  • for cataract surgery or surgical treatment of glaucoma – for at least 1-2 days;
  • for vitreoretinal surgery – for 2 days;
  • for laser treatment of glaucoma – for 2 days;
  • for retinal laser procedures – for 1 day;
  • for retinal laser treatments – for 2 days;
  • for microsurgical operations (strabismus, introduction of Lucentis, etc.) – for 2 days;
  • for a course of conservative treatment or Apparatustreatment – depending on the doctor’s prescription.

During these terms you will be given a complex diagnostic of your eyesight, preparation for the surgery, calculation of the program of correction or artificial lens, pre-operative examination (in case the laboratory tests are necessary – the patient has to go to the place of residence), the procedure or the surgery itself and obligatory control examinations. Further schedule of check-ups is determined by the attending physician according to an individual scheme, based on the patient’s condition.
For out-of-town patients, the staff at the Medical Information and Registration Center will help you make hotel reservations and solve your accommodation issues, making your stay at the clinic and in the city as comfortable as possible.
In order to simplify search for lodging for the period of stay in Kiev and treatment in the clinic “British Eye Clinic”, we offer you several variants of hotels, which are located near our clinic. You can book a room on your own in advance, so that you do not have to worry about it on the day of arrival.
List of hotels, located near the clinic “British Ophthalmological Center “:
Hotel “Dnipro”: Kreschatik str, 1/2- (044)254-67-77
Lybid hotel: Victory square, 1 – (044)239 -76-00
Hotel “Ukraine”: Institutskaya street, 4 +380 44 590 44 00
Rus” hotel: 4 Gospitalnaya str, +38 (044) 256 40 20 –