«British Ophthalmological Center» opens in Kiev

Medical clinic with 100% of foreign capital is the referential clinic of English company RAYNER and the bright example of the biggest investments into Ukrainian medicine from the EU countries.

In February 2015, the doors of five-storied eye clinic «British Ophthalmological Center» will be opened. The clinic is situate at the very heart of Kiev, at Krutyj uzviz str. 3A – just a hundred meters from the Bessarabskyj market.

In the beautiful old palace with the area of 250 sq. m, reconstructed under the eye clinic, more than 120 specialists are ready to treat the patients. In the ophthalmology center works not only foreign high-qualified doctors, but also the best Ukrainian specialists. In addition, they have the training abroad at their foreign colleagues, who has unexampled experience for Ukraine and can correct the sight ensuring attention, understanding, high quality and stability of the results, according the highest EU standards.

«British Ophthalmological Center» is the pearl among the network of the clinics opened in England, Baltic States and countries of Eastern Europe where more than 500 000 patients got new perfect sight during the working period since 1999.

There are specialised departments in clinic, considering principal differences in technologies, investigation methods and treating the corresponding diseases according to the EU standards:

–       diagnostic department;

–       department of refractive surgery;

–       laser therapy department;

–       department of microsurgery and general ophthalmology;

–       department of children’s service.

Here is carried out high-value computerised complex diagnostic of the sight; are used the different methodic of laser vision correction PRK, iQ-LASIK (exclusively only here), LASIK and LASEK which completely corrects short-sight (myopia), long-sight (hyperopia), astigmatism;

Treatment of serious eye diseases, like cataract, glaucoma and retinal detachment. Ophthalmological clinic performs difficult vitreoretinal operations, seamless ultrasound surgery, and exclusive therapeutic programs for both children and adults. That is only a part of the services provided in our clinic.

To reach the ideal result we use only the best modern equipment. That is a modern complex of diagnostic devices, excimer and therapeutic lasers, microsurgical systems. Due to different models of surgical and laser equipment, presented in clinic, doctors can help the patients not only in standard situations but also in complicated cases.

Clinic cooperates only with the most popular manufactures of equipment and consumables. Exclusively represents in Ukraine the English company RAYNER, which the fist in the world created artificial lens IOL. More than 60 year it is the single IOL manufacture in Great Britain. The Queen of Great Britain, Elizabeth II personally awarded RAYNER with the prestigious Queen’s Award for innovation. This award is on every IOL package.

Pay your attention that NO OTHER IOL is produced on the territory of Great Britain.

More information www.Rayner.com

Every patient in the clinic is guaranteed hearty welcome, the individual approach and maximum good result.

Taking into consideration general economic situation, «British Ophthalmological Center» forms special prices for Ukraine without hidden charges what is very important nowadays.

We realize civil duty before Kiev and Ukraine and welcome to cooperaterelevant organizations, which provides aid to injured people during military conflict, on a free basis or with payment only for consumables. (Attention! We cooperate only official bodies, not with private individuals!!). Requests for contact send via e-mail kiev@eyes.ua

Invite you to visit the clinic after official opening by the address: Krutyj uzviz str., 3A

Our website in the Internet is www.eyes.ua

e-mail is: kiev@eyes.ua

To make an appointment or consultation you can by phone: +380442307060, +380442307070 or +380992307070

There is a service of medical aid consisting exclusively of foreign specialists with emergency number: +380666999666

e-mail: kiev@eyes.ua